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Camping with Pets

Powder Horn is a Responsible Pet Friendly Campground in Maine!

Camping with pets can be a wonderful adventure for both owner and pet.
But before you bring your pet, there are a few things you should know:

In order to ensure that you have a memorable camping experience, and for the benefit of all of our campers, we have found it necessary to implement a pet policy. We understand your pet is part of your family. Unfortunately, we have found that pets have become one of the biggest complaints here at Powder Horn. We still welcome your pet as long as the policies are followed. If you do not comply with all policies, we will be forced to evict you immediately without a refund.

  • There is a $5 per day charge for each pet.  Limit 2 pets per site.
  • Pet(s) may not be left unattended anywhere, at any time, this includes your trailer.
  • All vaccination papers must be present at registration.
  • Pet(s) are not allowed with visitors of guests.
  • Pet(s) are not allowed with guests camping in tents.
  • Pet(s) must be on a leash at all times.
  • Pet(s) must be walked/supervised by a responsible person.
    Children under 13 years old are not allowed to walk dogs without an adult present.
  • Pet(s) will not be brought to the swimming pools or in any of the buildings.
  • Pet(s) must be cleaned up after with the proper equipment and disposed of properly.
    Disposal bags are available throughout the park.
  • Pet(s) will not be allowed to disturb your neighbors in any manner.

Dog Friendly Campground in Maine


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Powder Horn is proud to be a Responsible Pet Friendly Campground in Maine!